Friday, August 8, 2008

August Already?

Geez, summer's almost over. Once again, my plans of writing on this blog have gone by the has the anti-smoking campaign. A friend of mine told me that while what I was trying to do was admiral, I was also trying to do too much at one time...again. I guess I just can't function to my fullest if I don't have a completely full plate. But, she did make sense so I just stopped trying to quit for now. Between working full time, being a busia to 2 of the most beautiful grandkids ever, trying to be a mom to 2 of the greatest children, renovating a house, trying to sell the other house, dealing with the fact that my dog of 13 years is probably not going to be around very much longer....and trying to quit smoking? To some people, that may not sound like an extraordinary lot in life, it may sound like just an excuse, and maybe it is...but to me its just a tad bit right now and its my excuse. Don't like it....TFB.

Renovating on the house is going....slow as always but going. Someday I'll get around to posting pictures of before/after. The last wall is ready to come down, hopefully this weekend. The long awaited renovation of the kitchen is about to begin. But, until the other house sells, its going to be a slow process, unless of course, I hit the slots again. That little windfall helped a lot and financed a couple beams, mud for the walls, trim...and even paid for Eagles tickets, which I am really excited about.

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