Monday, January 21, 2008

The First Test....

No problems at work..its smoke free so its a no brainer. The real test will be tonite. I'm hitting the treadmill after work first though and then its on to house #2 to finish the bathroom vanity. Hopefully, I will be so busy I won't be thinking about cigarettes and can stay in a separate room from my husband.... : )

Off to a baby shower...I hate it when they do these things at the end of the work day. During lunch would have made more sense...but then, they didn't ask us planners!

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MamaFlo said...

Hi Karen!
You're moving right along on the Quit Smoking Bandwagon - Congratulations!!!
Are you still using Chantix? How long did you smoke?
What helped me stay quit was realizing that I had so many habits/triggers to break loose of. Even now there are certain situations that give me a "I want a cigarette" trigger. So far I haven't given in and tonight at 10pm it will be 5 months.
Like you, I'm in my 50's and I've run out of time for excuses to not stop smoking.

You can do it, you can stay Quit.