Thursday, February 28, 2008

Try. Try. Again

We're gonna do this the hard way this time I feel. So, I've been off work for a week taking care of the little granddaughter who just had surgery, I've been sick with an ear infection for a couple weeks, work sucks...hmm, can I find any more excuses for continuing to smoke a couple cigarettes every day? Oh, right, yeah, that's the other excuse, MY HUSBAND! I know he doesn't want to quit, I'm not making him, but when I say 'yes, it would help a lot if you wouldn't smoke in the house'...well, I guess I expect him to make the effort. Sure, its cold and snowy outside and we don't have a heated garage...BFD.

Ok, now I have my rant out. Having a 3 year old for a week is a challenge in itself but one that just had a T&A and ear tubes is a whole different story. My kids never had this...we had other things but not this. She don't want to eat, she don't want to take her medicine, she wants to whine and watch a Bug's Life 15 times!! No problem, Busia can do anything! She is getting a little better and has started eating her 3 P's....pudding, pasta and peanut butter. I wouldn't have thought peanut butter would be good, but hey, if she's gonna eat it, I'll give it to her. Two more days and then mom can take over.

The ear infection has been one from hell and although I've never had a perforated ear drum, I sure do think I had one from this. Either that or the horrible pain and drainage was just normal for this type of infection...don't know, again, never had one before now. Still can't hear very well but it appears to be getting better.

So, have I quit? No...but like I said, I'm not giving up. I'm going to continue this battle, I'll beat it again. I can do it...need to figure out a way to keep the cigarettes out of the house...not the husband, just his cigarettes! : )

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